Application details of color coated Steel board

Updated on: 25/09/2022

What are the application details of color-coated board products?

Next, our professionals will give you a brief explanation. I hope this helps you.

1. There are certain differences in the adhesion, toughness and corrosion resistance of different primers for color-coated boards.

Epoxy resin has good adhesion to the substrate and high corrosion resistance, but its toughness is not as good as other primers.

Polyester has good adhesion to the substrate and excellent toughness, but its corrosion resistance is not as good as epoxy resin.

Polyurethane is a primer with good overall performance.

2. The corrosion resistance of color-coated boards usually increases with the increase of coating thickness.

When ordering, the coating thickness should determine according to factors such as corrosion, service life and durability of the use environment.

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The function of the color-coated board is provided by the materials that make up the layers of the color-coated board.

The steel plate layer mainly bears the functions of stiffness and strength;

the zinc coating of the present invention has the functions of improving the adhesion between the coating and the substrate and anti-corrosion;

In addition to the coasting function, the surface coating of the color-coated board also has the functions of anti-pulverization, anti-peeling, wear resistance, moderate hardness, gloss and color tone.

Iron formwork mainly emphasizes the appearance effect.

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So what should we pay attention to when using color-coated boards?

1. The color-coated board should install with fixing parts, which should fix on the purlins with self-tapping screws, and there should be fixing parts on each purlin.

2. Place a color-coated plate on the fixture,

then press it against the bottom groove of the center rib and inner rib of each fixture to fully engage.

3. Steel pipe × 3M scaffolding set up with 2 4m long pipes,

and each scaffolding is set up with 4 wheels for easy advancement.

4. The color coating board should install on the inner layer of the roof first.

5. According to the technical requirements, each wave crest fix with a 30mm long special self-tapping screw,

and the color of the nut is the same as the color of the color plate.

6. Lay insulation cotton and seal the insulation cotton joint with special tape.

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