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Updated on: 02/10/2022


1) Applies to upper yield strength ReH.
2) Except for S550GD steel grade, the span of tensile strength is 140 MPa.
3) Depending on the product thickness, the minimum elongation at break decreases as follows: 0.50 mm < t < 0.70 mm (minus 2 units), 0.35 mm < t < 0.50 mm (minus 4 units) and t < 0.35 mm (minus 7 units) units).

Chemical Composition Of S320GD (Casting Analysis)

Designation Chemical composition
% by mass
Steel grade Symbols for the types of available coatings C Si Mn P S
Steel name Steel number
S320GD 1.0250 +Z,+ZF,+ZA,+ZM,+AZ,+AS 0,20 0,60 1,70 0,10 0,045

Mechanical Properties Of S320GD (Longitudinal)

Designation Mechanical properties
Steel grade Symbols for the types of available coatings Proof strength Rp0,2 a
MPad min.
Tensile strength Rm b
Elongation A80 c % min.
S320GD 1.0250 +Z,+ZF,+ZA,+ZM,+AZ,+AS 320 390 17

Equivalent Material (For Reference Only)

ASTM SS255, ASTM SS275, ASTM SS250, ASTM SS550, etc.

Types Of S320GD+Z Galvanized Sheet

  • Hot dip galvanized steel sheet
  • Alloyed galvanized steel sheet
  • Electro-galvanized steel sheet
  • Single-sided and double-sided differential galvanized steel
  • Alloy, composite galvanized steel sheet

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