Cold Rolled Steel Grades And Standards

Updated on: 13/08/2022

Japanese standard JIS Z 3141-1994: SPCC general use, SPCD drawing use, SPCE deep drawing use, and its modulation (distinguishing the annealing state), usually the SPCC is actually SPCC-S, which means standard modulation, 1 8, 1/4, 4, 1/2, 2, and 1 are cold-rolled hard coils.
T stands for guaranteed tensile test. SPCCT is a cold-rolled sheet for general use but guaranteed tensile test. Its tensile strength is higher than that of SPCC, but it cannot perfectly meet the tensile or stamping conditions. B: Represents glossy surface D: Represents pockmarked surface, matte finish. Other suffixes such as DT and MB are recorded by their function acronyms, DT refers to elevators, and MB refers to door panels. For example, SPCC-SD is a fully annealed pitted ordinary cold rolled steel sheet.

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National standard GB/T 5213-2008 and European standard EN10130-2006, the grades are DC01 for general use, DC03 for stamping, DC04 for deep drawing, DC05 for extra deep drawing, DC06 for extra deep drawing, and DC07 for extra deep drawing. In the national standard, the surface quality is classified as FB advanced surface, FC advanced surface, and FD super advanced surface; in European standard, the surface quality is classified as grade A and grade B.
In the national standard, the surface finish B is smooth, and D is pitted; in the European standard, b is bright, g is semi-bright, m ​​is normal, and r is rough (refer to the original standard for specific roughness data).

The German standard DIN 1623-1 grades are ST12, USt13, ST13, ST14, and the surface finish follows the European marking method. The surface quality is classified as O3 and O5. The example ST12O3r is a common cold-rolled steel sheet.

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