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Updated on: 19/03/2020

The factors affecting the price of color coated steel coils are mainly the raw material (basic steel) and the thickness of the zinc layer, the thickness of the paint, the brand of the paint material, the thickness of the steel coil and the packaging method.

1 Zinc or Al-Zinc thickness:
Price depends on different thickness of zinc. For example, the price of 20 grams of zinc and 50 grams of zinc vary greatly. If the customer does not have requirements for zinc, it is recommended to select steel coil of about 23-25 grams of zinc. But the PPGL hould also indicate the aluminum content, and the price has big difference of PPGL with 25% and 55% aluminum content . If the customer uses the general environment, it can choose about 25% aluminum content. ; if used in wet, outdoor and perennial tropical climates, please choose PPGL with higher aluzinc content.

2 Paint thickness:
There are single painting and double painting ppgi. Generally, the single coated paint top piant thickness is 11-30um and the back paint is 5-10um. The double paint PPGI top paint thickness is 11-30um And back paint also 11-30um. The price of a single-coated PPGI is lower than double-coated PPGI. Customers need to choose PPGI according purpose and environment.
The influence of paint materials and brands on the price of color coated rolls: paints are mainly divided into: PE resin paint, Nippon paint, PVDF paint and Akzo Nobel paint. PE paints are used the most, and the price advantage is relatively large. Nippon Paint, PVDF Paint and Akzo Nobel Paint have a longer life than PE paint, but at a higher price. Customers also need to choose a paint brand based on the application site and environment of the color coated roll.

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3 Coil basic steel thickness:
The thinner the coil thickness, the higher the price. For example, the price of 0.13-0.16 is relatively high, the price change of 0.3-0.45 is small, and the price of 0.45-0.7 is basically the same. Because the thinner the area of the color coated roll under 1 ton.It will be used more paint snf longer processing time.

4 Packing:
Packaging has simple packaging, standard export packaging and special packaging.
Simple packaging, suitable for short-distance transportation, the outer layer is waterproof kraft paper protection, the protection performance is simple, and the price is cheap.
The outer surface of the standard export packaging is waterproof kraft paper and galvanized iron packaging. The besides of the coil are also protected by galvanized iron. It is used for long-distance transportation and steel wire reinforcement in containers. It can better protect the color coated roll from the surface of the roll. And the waterproof effect is better. TThis type of packing is most widely used.

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Special packaging includes vertical packaging or customer requirements package. This packaging method can be used to calculate the price based on the packaging cost. The vertical packaging is such that the steel coil is the eye to the sky and fixed by a wooden pallet at the bottom of the coil. This packaging method protects the volume from external forces to the greatest extent, but the packaging cost and labor cost are high.

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