Development of high performance hot galvanized sheet at home and abroad

At present, VietNam iron and steel industry in the variety, quality, cost, service and labor productivity and the world advanced level there is still a certain gap, in the face of increasingly fierce domestic and international market competition, must speed up the pace of structural adjustment, it is not only the need of the survival and development of metallurgical industry in Viet Nam, also is the development trend of metallurgical industry in the world today. Hot Dip Galavnizing was invented in the mid-18th century. It was developed from the process of Hot Dip galvanizing.

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The continuous hot dip galvanizing technology of steel strip has been developed for 50 years and has become a mature and advanced industrial technology. In the construction industry, used for various types of industrial and civil construction of light steel keel, building slab, corrugated board, rolling door, etc.; In the field of home appliances and light industry, for the housing and floor of various household appliances; Galvanized steel sheet is widely used in light industry, home appliances, automobile and construction industry.

In automobile industry, used for automobile body, shell, inner plate, bottom plate, etc. Viet Nam vigorously develops electric power, transportation, communication, energy and urban infrastructure. With the strong development of construction, home appliances and automobile industry, Viet Nam zinc industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and huge market.

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In recent 20 years, the continuous hot dip galvanizing technology, equipment and the corresponding control means have been greatly developed, so that galvanized sheet can meet the harsh requirements of automobile panels and home appliances plate, and thus it is cheaper than the electric galvanized alloy steel strip, corrosion resistance is superior and has the potential to replace.

galvanized steel coil manufacturers

This subject intends to learn from the advanced production technology and equipment development technology and experience of high performance automobile hot dip galvanizing, and break through the bottleneck of production technology and equipment development of high performance automobile hot dip galvanizing through technical innovation, optimization design, precision manufacturing and foreign technical cooperation. At the same time, the significance and prospect of the development of hot-dip galvanizing technology in the sustainable development of national economy, energy conservation and mineral resources were discussed.

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