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Updated on: 22/04/2020

1) lead-free hot dip galvanized coating

The beautiful zinc flower is the typical characteristic of the traditional hot galvanized sheet. But the research shows that the surface of the zinc flower is uneven, the lead content in the coating will affect the processing performance, coating performance and corrosion resistance of the coating plate in the later processing, so since the 1960s, foreign countries have been studying the production technology of zinc-free flower and small zinc flower.

Through water spray cooling, Heurfey zinc spray and other processes, the number of crystal nucleation and crystal growth can be increased to achieve the purpose of producing small zinc plates. Since the 1980s, foreign countries began to study the technology of lead-free hot dip zinc. At present, new galvanized production lines in Europe and South America all adopt lead-free zinc technology.

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2) hot galvanized plate alloying coating

In hot dip galvanized varieties, through thermal diffusion treatment after plating, the development of alloy galvanized sheet, corrosion resistance than ordinary hot galvanized sheet increased by more than one time, through this kind of alloying treatment can eliminate the surface zinc flower; At the same time, the evaporation of zinc during spot welding is reduced, and the copper electrode of spot welding machine is less polluted by zinc vapor.

To ensure good adhesion of alloying coating of galvanized sheet, for car use the thicker the alloying of galvanized sheet of plate used efficient heating and cooling measures (high burning nozzle, or induction heater), and provide various types of alloying sensor, through analysis instrument and computer instructions in a timely manner, adjust the structure of the coating in the corresponding to the deformation of high production suitable for stamping requirement.

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