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Updated on: 24/03/2020

Galvanization refers to the process by which steel could be covered with layer of the zinc through chemical reaction. It ensures that steel might not get corroded by the rust and this process is also known as Luigi Galvani. Galvanized steel is manufactured by the method that is called as hot dipped galvanization process. In this method, steel is passed via molten zinc and it is maintained at temperature of the 860 degree Fahrenheit.

The galvanized steel is defined as a carbon steel sheet that specially coated with zinc on dual sides. Basically, there are two major processes used to deliver the galvanized steel coil such as electro galvanizing and continuous hot dipping. This hot dipping process usually consists of passing the steel via a bath of molten zinc, whereas the electro galvanizing process consists of the zinc application via the electrolytic disposition. At the end result, the layer of zinc is adhering to the base metal via an iron-zinc bonding layer. Even the hot dipped galvanized products are specially manufactured to the ASTM specifications. Also, there are several different materials of galvanized sheet and coil steel available that includes:
* Structural steel (SS)
* Extra deep drawing steel (EDDS)
* Commercial steel (CS types A, B and C)
*  High strength low alloy steel (HSLAS)
* Forming steel (FS types A and B)
* Deep drawing steel (DDS types A and C)

Galvanized Steel Coil

In addition to, the galvanized products are widely available in the wide varieties of coating weights such as G-30, G-40, G-60 and G-90. Some typical applications used for the galvanized coil and steel sheets are given below:
* Doors
* Roofing
* Appliances
* Ductwork
* Truss plates
* Parking lots
* Automotive parts
* Exterior building products
* HVAC products
* Commercial and residential steel framing
* Electrical boxes and other electrical products
* Any other products need a corrosion resistant material

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