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Steel Coils have coated by zinc are used in the manufacture of roofing and facade materials.
Galvanized steel coils acquired when high resistance to corrosion in any climatic conditions is needed:
The production of components for facades, roofs, elements of fences and other construction objects that are not under the roof.

galvanized steel manufacturers


We offer Galvanized rolls of our own production .
We are subject to rigorous testing for each batch of product during and after production.
Standard operating practices used to ensure that the goods meet the standards and provide video and data for customer reference.
We provide good production process monitoring for every customer.
This ensures product quality, compliance with technical standards in each batch.

Why this material is good for your product:

wear resistance due to a passivating layer;
long service life even in the conditions of a frost or a heat;
good extensibility of the metal without damaging the protective layer;
ductility at any temperature.

Sometimes you need highlight good decorative properties.

The low price of galvanized metal rolls does not affect the appearance.

It will easily become part of the exterior design.

The thickness of the zinc layer on the steel surface is from 30 to 275g/sq.m..

Purchased goods can stored without time limits.

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