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Updated on: 29/03/2020

According to the mechanical properties of the product, galvanized sheets can be divided into full hard board, building board, stamping board and structural board. Of course, different performance products use different original plates, and the annealing process on the galvanizing line is also different.

Ordinary chilled plates, such as recrystallization annealing in a heating furnace, produce products that are commercial grade building materials; if incomplete recrystallization annealing is performed in a heating furnace, the product performance is similar to that of a chilled plate, that is, hard Board. Stamping plates need to be produced with cold-rolled plates with lower carbon content. In recent years, with the development of furnace technology, a large number of cold-hard plates are used to directly produce stamping plates. The carbon content of the original plates required for different groups of stamping plates is required. Different from impurity element requirements. The structural plates are also produced from structural steel original plates, which have a high carbon content and some alloy elements, so the strength is high.

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1.full hard galvanized sheet , The full plate refers to a product produced by galvanizing using a chilled plate, which is not completely recrystallized and annealed on the galvanizing line, and is heated to only 550 degrees to reach a semi-annealed state. Its performance characteristics are relatively hard, similar to chilled boards, generally used in special occasions that do not require processing.

2.Building material galvanized sheet, commercial grade building board refers to the production of chilled sheet, galvanized after recrystallization annealing on galvanizing line, the performance level is commercial grade, characterized by better overall performance. It can be easily deformed and has a certain strength, which can meet the needs of most industrial and agricultural applications. It is the most commonly used galvanized sheet product, and also used as a raw material substrate for color coated sheets.

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3. Stamped galvanized sheet, stamped galvanized sheet is mainly used in two major categories of home appliances and automotive panels. The home appliance board is generally produced by the original board similar to 08A1, heated to about 800 degrees in the heating furnace, and its performance level is stamping grade. Automobile panels are generally produced using gap-free atomic steel as the original plate, heated to about 850 degrees in a heating furnace, and its performance is deep-drawing and ultra-deep.

4. Structure galvanized, structural galvanized sheet is made of structural high-carbon steel, even alloy steel plate as raw material, fully recrystallized and annealed after galvanizing on galvanizing line, and its performance characteristics are yield strength and resistance. The tensile strength is higher and the elongation is slightly lower because of the use of engineering structures and the like.

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