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Updated on: 24/03/2020

Over the past two decades, hot-dip galvanizing technology, equipment and corresponding control means have great development so that galvanized steel coils meet the harsh requirements of automotive panel and home appliances. It is not only cheaper than electro-galvanized alloy steel coil but also has better corrosion resistance.

Automotive industrial products are high efficiency, high reliability and high integration. Since 1975, hot dip galvanized steel coil was applied for automotive industry for the first time, the world’s major automobile manufacturers are trying to develop high quality hot dip galvanized steel coil to prevent corrosion as the goal, and consider the welding, coating and forming, which has made a series of technological progress, including the chemical composition of steel matrix, the rolling quality of steel coil surface, the uniformity of the thickness of hot dip galvanized coating, the best structure of alloying process.

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After 20 years of research, the above technical problems and technical requirements of the process equipment has been basically solved and began to be widely used for cars. This will not only greatly improve the work of the car, but also prolong life and save energy.

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