How to construct the color steel tile roof of steel structure workshop?

Updated on: 30/08/2020

A. Control points of color steel tile roofing engineering of steel structure workshop

a) Due to the large slope of the roof and a large number of ridges.

During the construction process, the elevation of the ridge beams, cornices, tiger windows,

and the start and end of the waterline must be accurately controlled.

The start and end positions of corner lines, cornice lines, corner points, and sink (sub) water lines must be precise.

When disassembling the scaffold, pay attention to the construction safety and ensure that the construction is

carried out normally.

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b) The slope of the roof is large, and the workers must strictly inform of the safety technology and safety protection measures during the base treatment and the tile hanging.

c) Strictly control the arrangement of the color steel tiles, the female corners, the male corners, the end tiles and the junction with the roof structure must be handled well to prevent water leakage.

d) Safety guardrails and safety nets or other protective measures to prevent falling must be installed around the roof and the reserved holes.

B. Construction technology of fine stone concrete leveling layer

a) Material requirements:

The leveling layer C25 fine stone concrete should be mixed on-site, and construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the mix ratio.

And should choose high-quality sand and stone materials as much as possible.

b) Wipe the leveling layer:

The consistency of fine stone concrete should control at about 7 cm. Lay fine stone concrete according to the elevation control point,

use aluminum alloy scraper for leveling, and then rub and compact it with a wooden trowel. Due to the high temperature during the construction of this project.

In order to avoid high temperatures affecting the construction quality, the leveling layer is suitable for night construction.

After the fine stone concrete slightly dry, it compacts 3 times with an iron trowel to make it survive. Lift the mud above the head and make it flat, making it even and dense.

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When the fine stone concrete starts to set and someone steps on it but does not sink, flatten it again with an iron trowel to make the surface smooth.

Be careful not to leak pressure and clean up dead spots, dead spots, and trachoma. When the fine stone concrete begins to shape, the third compaction performs,

flattening and compacting the smear, slightly rougher, to make the leveling layer denser and stronger, and to avoid the final cement after calendering.

c) Maintenance:

Because the leveling layer constructs on the waterproof layer, it is very easy to lose water, so it should be strengthened to prevent sanding.

After the fine stone concrete leveling layer smooth and compact, its water and cured after 24 hours at a normal temperature, and the curing time is generally not less than 7 days.

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