How to maintain the flowerless galvanized sheet

Updated on: 26/12/2021

Regarding the maintenance of the galvanized sheet, it is a very simple but also very critical work.

If this work does well, the life of the product can be easily increased, compared with common failures to repair or

The replacement method and the maintenance method do, which is beneficial to the operation of the equipment.

Below, let’s take a look at the specific methods.

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A. Flowerless galvanized

In all normal office environments, the thickness of the hot-dip galvanized sheet is over 50um,

which can be used safely for 30 years.

This is also the basic principle of using iron substrate anode protection.

This kind of hot-dip galvanized sheet makes the pure zinc layer into a high-density protective film in ambient air to avoid zinc corrosion.

But if you encounter a wet and cold natural environment, you need to block the direct contact between the substance and the zinc layer according to bitumen coating or sealing,

so as to prevent the hot-dip galvanized layer from eroding holes.

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B. Maintenance of flowerless galvanized sheet

From the above, we can understand that the quality of the product is the norm for everyone to appraise the enterprise, but understand that this maintenance method can help the full function of it product.

At the same time as the continuous service life,

Ensure the safe application of the flowerless galvanized sheet within the time limit.

Only then can we ensure the longer-term application of your products.

Because of the different treatment methods in the coating process, the surface condition of it is different, such as general spangles, fine spangles, flattened spangles, zinc-free spangles, and their pickled and phosphate surfaces.

The galvanized sheet should have an excellent appearance, and there must be no defects that are harmful to the application of the product, such as no plating, holes, cracks and sludge, excessive plating thickness, scratches, chromic acid stains, white rust, etc.

International standards are not very clear on the actual appearance defect requirements. Some actual defects should be indicated on the contract when ordering.

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