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Updated on: 13/04/2020

In some high-intensity work environment, large-diameter seamless steel pipe may deform. So how to straighten large diameter seamless steel pipes? The best way is to use steel pipe straightening machine. Steel pipe straightening machine is used for metal profiles, bars, tubes, wire, etc. Here we will introduce operations and attentions of steel pipe straightening machine to correct large diameter seamless steel pipes. prepainted galvalume steel coil manufacturers

1. Before starting, check the hydraulic oil box, gear box is full or not.

2. Before starting the main motor, adjust the hydraulic system pressure.

3. Lubricate every smooth point and ensure the work of the mechanical transmission is sensitive.

4. Operator should wear safe clothes and do not leave from time to time.

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5. After the oil pressure reaches stable. The straightening rollers should be lifted to the initial position.

6. Put the large diameter seamless steel pipe on the third straightening roller.

7. Start the main motor, large diameter seamless steel pipe will rotate with straightening.

8. Stop the motor and pull out the straightening pipe.

9. Straightening steel pipe is returned to the start position and straightening is to be repeated the next program.

10. Shut down the main changer and do not change the program controller.

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