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Updated on: 14/04/2020

Galvanized steel coils are ideal options for constructing strong roofing systems. There are numerous added features associated with the amazing roofing systems. Steel coil manufacturers can manufacture different types of galvanized steel coils according to clients’ requirement. Here today we will share some kinds of galvanized steel coils for you:

1. Hot-dipped galvanized steel coil is the most common galvanized steel coil at present.

2. Metal-compound galvanized steel coil possesses a high quality of painting viscosity and weldability.

3. Alloyed, compound galvanized steel coil has a great quality in rust prevention as well as paint coating.

galvanized steel sheet suppliers

4. Double-sided galvanized steel coil has a better adaptability in welding, paint coating, rust prevention treating, processing and other aspects than the double-sided coils.

5. Electro-galvanized steel coil is of good machinability, but its erosion resistance is not as good as that of the hot-dipped galvanized steel coil because of its thinner galvanized layer.

galvanized steel sheet suppliers

Galvanized steel coils have a large range of applications: agricultural warehouse, residential precast unit, wall, rainwater drainage pipe, terrace, retailer booth, roller shutter door, door case, light steel roof structure, folding screen, ceiling, elevator, stairway, vent gutter. Electrical appliance: refrigerator, washer, switch cabinet, instrument cabinet, air conditioning, micro-wave oven, bread maker. Furniture applications: central heating slice, lampshade, chifforobe, desk, bed,bookshelf.

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