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Updated on: 25/03/2020
Coating hardness
The coating hardness is the ability of the coating to resist scratch, abrasion, impact, press and other mechanical functions, which is closely to the scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and indentation resistance of PPGL coil. It is chosen mainly based on applicaiton, processing methods, storage and transportation conditions and other factors. Coating’s flexibility, adhesion is closely to the processing of PPGL coil, mainly based on processing method, the degree of deformation and so on to choose.
Coating durability
Coating durability is the performance that PPGL coil show in usage, usually measured by the length of service life. Coating durability and painting types, coating thickness, the corrosiveness of the  environment and other factors are closely related. Atmospheric exposure test is a reliable method to evaluate the durability of the coating. People have developed a series of artificial aging test to evaluate the durability, neutral salt spray test and UV test are more commonly used .
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Other properties

In some conditions, PPGL coil is required good resistance to organic solvents, acid and alkali resistance, stain resistance and other properties. PPGL coil supplier choosing the performance of reverse coating usually depends on the applicaiton and environment. When corrosive environment is not high, the reverse is usually only coated with a layer, for decoration. Due to high corrosiveness of the environment, two layers are applied to improve the corrosion resistance.

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