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Updated on: 09/03/2020
We offer hot dip galvanized steel, Alu-Zinc Steel, Pre-painted sheet in Coils. These galvanized steel Coils, Alu-Zinc Steel are used for industrial purpose and as per the need of the customer and industrial usage.
Our coils are highly acclaimed in the international market as these have superlative adherence properties and resistance against corrosion.

Hot-dip galvanized steel products are now being used in a wide range of automobiles, electrical equipments and other industrial machinery as well as in civil engineering and consturction.

Since hot-dip galvanized steel products are characterized in excellent formability, weldability, paintability as well as anit corrosion, they can meet the high quality requirements of the users.galvalume steel manufacturers


Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel (HDG) and Electro Galvanized Steel (EG), Both are essential for several industrial fabricated applications due to their high resistant to corrosion with respect to their commercial final cost.
Galvanized steel in general is passing through a chemical procedures to get the steel coated by Zinc-Oxide for protecting steel from  getting rusty easily , as well the coating gives the steel a more durable surface hard to be scratch, where there is still a difference between production process of HDG and EG.
HDGS is a form of galvanization by coating steel with zinc while immersing steel inside a bath of molten zinc at exact temperature for corrosion resistance steel.
EGS is a form of Electroplating by using a zinc anode and steel conductor for a superior corrosion resistance steel.


Due to Galvanized steel high resistivity to corrosion, high ability for formability, weld ability and paint ability, it is widely used for the production of heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts systems, light outdoor civil construction steel, tubular pipes and tubes steel, home appliances industries, industrial machinery,  and many other infinite steel applications.

Galvanized Steel are having several standards depends on zinc coating grades,  GS  is having several shapes of production (Coils/ slitted coils/ Sheets) and  several standards depends on method of galvanization and required thickness coating of galvanization, all depends on what is the  final produced application.

Packaging and Delivery

Galvanized Steel supplies as master coils, slitted coils, and sheets are according to International standards and its equivalents, SNI, SIRIM, AS, EN, SASO, ASTM, BS and JIS depends on final destinations / customer required standard.

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