List Steel Sheet in Coil Manufacturers

Updated on: 19/03/2020

ArcelorMittal (South Africa)

With more than 7 million tons of liquid steel annually, ArcelorMittal is the largest steel producer on the African Continent. This company has been founded in 1982 and ever since then, it has grown and turned into the main supplier in South Africa (suppling more than sixty percent).

Although this steel producer, has headquarters in Vanderbijlpark and Gauteng, is being a part of the world`s largest steel producer – The ArcelorMittal Group which has more than 222 000 employees across the globe.

ArcelorMittal South Africa is focused on manufacturing numerous different products divided into a few categories:

  • Flat Steel Products (hot roller plate; hot rolled coil-pickled and oiled, cold-rolled coil, galvanized coil, color coil, tinplate coil, electrogalvanized coil)
  • Long Steel Products (fencing profiles, forgings, heavy structural sections, hexagon bars, hollow bars, mining bar, rails, reinforcing bars, round bars, special profiles, structural sections, window sections, and wire rods)
  • Foundry Products
  • Tubular Products (hot and cold rolled tube products used in the oil and gas transportation industry)

Segals Metals (South Africa)

Located in Gauteng, South Africa this company has almost 25 employees and annual revenue of more than 4, 5 million. They have been existing for the past 28 years and in that time they`ve specialized in the processing of steel coil to slit coil and flat steel sheets.

Segals Metals are focused on:

  • Cold and hot rolled steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Plates of steel
  • Chromadek (colored steel)

All of these types can be done in coil form or standard sheet sizes.

Besides merchanting steel products, they are also offering:

  • Cut-to-length services which allow them to produce custom sheet lengths (they have seven such lines which can process from 0,5mm up to 16mm thick materials)
  • Have three slitting lines capable to process cold, hot, and galvanized coil. Besides this, these slitting lines can de-coil and re-coil steel from wider into smaller coils which are more manageable and easier to handle.
  • Offer guillotining services. They have nine guillotines which can cut materials as thick as 12mm with a maximum bed width of four meters.
  • Delivery services with a total of fourteen trucks.
  • Pressing services with eccentric and pneumatic presses.

Unicoil (Saudi Arabia)

Founded in 1997 UNICOIL which is short from Universal Metal Coating Company, was the first-ever company in the Middle East which started to manufacture aluminum and pre-painted steel coils. Ever since then, Unicoil became a leader with a dominant position not only in the Middle East but also on a global scale as well.
They are focused on :

  • Galvanized Steel Products
  • Pre-painted Steel Products
  • Cold Rolled Full Hard Material
  • And services such as slitting, cut-to-length, and roll forming

Unicoil is not only focused on producing high-quality products but they are also a company which aims to inform their customers and raise awareness through numerous seminars, campaigns, and newspapers; is committed to creating a healthy environment for their employees; supports sustainability which results in conservation of natural resources and cleaner environment; and takes care of the health and safety of their employees.

Yametas (Turkey)

With more than a half a century of existence and scattered across a land of 30, 000 m2, Yametas is undoubtedly a leader in the Turkish steel industry.

Over the decades of their existence, Yametas has proven to be a reliable trading and manufacturing company which is focused on quality and top-notch customer satisfaction. They are offering steel services; tube and profile mills.

From services, they have three different types of lines: slitting line (from 0,3mm to 6,00mm thickness), cut-to-length one (which allows the producing of customizing coils according to customer’s needs), and tube and profiles lines (tube lines; slitting lines, profile, and special sections).

This Turkish steel manufacturer has a wide range of products such as cold-rolled steel coils, hot rolled steel coils, plates, hot rolled pickled and oiled, hot-dipped galvanized steel coils, aluminum-coated steel coils, tubers, profiles, special and open sections with customizable length and dimensions.

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MGAmetal (Turkey)

MGA Metal Foreign Trade is a company which was founded and it`s led by a management team with over 20 years of experience in the steel and iron industry in Turkey.

As the name itself says it, they are not only a manufacturer, but they are also trading their wide range of products to both domestic and international markets (in more than 50 countries across four different continents). On a monthly scale, they are providing both of these markets with more than 2,000 tons of hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and galvanized materials.

Furthermore, they are a customer-oriented company with unique services such as “win and win” and ABP (Always best price) which are established in order to accomplish satisfying their customer`s needs in a timely and appropriate manner.

From the products, they are offering flat and long ones. In the flat section, you’ll be able to find cold and hot-rolled coil products, galvanized ones, PPGI, pickled, chequered teardrop and diamond pattern, and hot-rolled plates while in the long products section you can find hollowed tubes, different profiles, steel wire-rope, and rebar with different sizing.

Tezcan (Turkey)

Ever since the foundation in 1982 when the base of their first Galva-1 factory was laid in Manisa Organize Industrial Zone, this company has grown to become of the leaders in the sector of the steel industry.

Nowadays, they are present to two locations, in Kocaeli (the factory office) and Istanbul and produce more than 1, 3 million tons of products.

As the years went by, they`ve opened their second factory, doubled their capacities, and implemented the newest galvanizing methods (Sendzimir galvanizing method).

Their production is composed of few processes and manufacturing lines such as the pickling line, cold rolling mill, annealing, temper line, galvalume line, galvanizing lines, paint lines, electrolytic cleaning line, steel service center, shipping, and packaging.

From products, they are focused on:

  • HRP- Cleaned Hot Sheet
  • CRF Cold Rolled Non-Annealed Sheet
  • CR Cold Rolled Annealed Sheet
  • GI Galvanized Sheet
  • GL Galvalume Sheet
  • PPGI/PPGL Painted Sheet
  • Steal Service Products

Younsan Metal (South Korea)

Younsan Metal is a relatively new company on the market which receives cold rolled steel coils from Korean companies, processes them, and then supplies consumers on the Asian market.

This way they are doing the hard work for their customers without any opportunity losses. This company has spread to four different locations: their headquarter in Busan, Korea; their second factory also in Busan; the Asan factory in Chungcheongnam-do, Korea, and lastly Joongang Steel in Busan.

This Korean company offers a variety of products such as:

  • CR Cold Rolled steel which can be divided into general cold rolled steel, steel for general structure, steel for enamel, and high-strength steel (smooth surface and evened thickness; glossy and can withstand pressure; used in the automotive industry, electronic equipment, home appliances, architecture, and office supplies)
  • PO Pickled Oiled Steel (this surface of this type is modified- a top coat oil is applied in order to prevent oxidization; cheaper option than the hot-rolled steel)
  • EGI Electronic Galvanized Iron Steel (improved corrosion resistance and coating; quality surface; used in the automotive industry, home appliances, and as a construction material)
  • GI Galvanized Steel (resistant to corrosion; good machinability and paintability)
  • HGI Hot Galvanized Steel (resistant to corrosion, economic feasibility)
  • GA Galvannealed Steel (also hot-dipped in zinc; special heat treatment prior to the dipping which makes this dark grey steel resistant to corrosion, with excellent weldability, and paintability)
  • GL Aluminum-zinc Alloy Steel (alkali and corrosion resistant; durable, thermal and acid resistance)
  • Color Modified Steel
  • Alcosta (smooth surface; excellent paintability and corrosion resistance)

RJ Materials Co. Ltd. (South Korea)

Established in 1998 with a headquarters in Pohang, Korea, RJ Materials is counted among the renowned Suppliers and Exporters from Pohang.

This company is known for trading a wide range of steel products such as:

  • Electrical Steel (CRGO),
  • Hot Rolled Steel Coil,
  • Cold Rolled Steel Coil,
  • Wire Rod,
  • Stainless Steel,
  • Steel Pipes,
  • Construct Steel,
  • Electro Galvanized Steel Coil,
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil,
  • Hot Dipped Aluminized Steel Coil,
  • Prepainted Steel Coil,
  • Construct Steel,
  • Steel pipes.

Over the years they`ve developed their extensive network of customers and spread (they deliver their products) to India, Europe, USA, Japan, China, and Middle East Asia.

They have an extensive steel processing facility filled with modern tools and machinery. In their existence, they`ve chosen to focus on becoming a trustworthy reliable manufacturer and processor and focus on producing high-quality products in a safe and hygienic environment.

Nam Kim Steel (Vietnam)

Nam Kin Steel is a company located in Vietnam and it is the leader when talking about Galvanized Steel, Color Steel Coil, and Galvalume Steel.

Their factory is equipped with the latest technology and machines which were installed and delivered by POSCO Group (South Korea) and SMC from Germany which allows them to offer products with the highest quality.

In total, this Vietnamese company has four gigantic factories spread across thousands and thousands of acres of land and investments worth of billions of dollars.

Nam Kim Steel is equipped to produce five types of products:

  • Galvanized Steel Sheet (they can produce 85, 000 tons per month which can be used in construction; with proper certification systems suitable for the USA, Indian Market, Malays’ Market, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Australia)
  • Aluminum Coated Steel in Coil (95,000 tons per month)
  • Galvalume Steel Sheet
  • Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel (can be applied on roofs, in agriculture, transportation, and electric appliances; suitable for Japan market, Europe, Australia, USA, Malaysia, and Indonesia)
  • Pre-Painted Galvalume Steel
  • Galvanized Steel Pipe

Maruichi Sun Steel (Vietnam)

Maruichi Sun Steel is part of the Maruichi Group which is a Joint Stock Company.

Besides this company amongst the shareholders are Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd., Toyota Tsusho Corporation, JFE Steel Corporation, and R & S Memorial International Inc.

Maruichi Sun Steel was established in 1996 with foreign capital of $300 million invested in this company in order to fully utilize Vietnam`s investment environment, stimulate market activities, improve technology levels, and enhance skills.

Scattered across an area of 294, 420 square meters, with a total of 470 hired employees, and equipped with latest technology and machines they are producing and selling:

  • Aluminum and Zink Galvanized Steel Coil,
  • Steel Pipe,
  • Color Coated Steel Coil,
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe,
  • Deformed bar,
  • Stainless pipe.

Commonly their products are used in the automotive and motorbike industry, in civil and building construction, structural and industrial use, furniture, and home appliances.

FHS (Vietnam)

Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation is Vietnam`s largest steelmaker with two blast furnaces and the third one on hold. FHS is owned by Formosa Plastics (more than 70%) which is a Taiwanese Plastics manufacturer.

The blast furnaces are located in the central Vietnamese province of Ha Tinh (the first one went into use in 2017 and the second a year later).

Now both of them together are capable of producing 7, 1 million tons of crude steel annually. The company itself was established in 2008, billions of dollars were invested in its development, and 100 thousand of people were employed up until now.

Their target is the nearest and biggest consummator – Southeast Asia. With what they`ve accomplished until now, and the plans for the future (building two more blast furnaces), without a doubt FHS will be the biggest integrated steel mill in Southeast Asia.

The biggest investors are CSC Group, JFE, and as we mentioned the Formosa Plastics Group. FHS offers Hot Rolled Coil and Wire Rod.

Steel Company Limited (Thailand)

The Steel Company Ltd was founded in 19991 with an initial 20 million capital and an objective of establishing a business which produces and supplies steel products.

In the years to follow they’ve equipped the company with numerous different machines which allowed them to make their vision came true.

They’ve purchased a shear cutting machine, metal piping machine, slitting machine, high-frequency steel pipe machine, cut and rolling machine, hydraulic guillotine shear, steel pipe machine, and working roller.

Year after year, they’ve expanded their steel production capacities and their registered capital.

Nowadays, they are focused on trading a variety of products and delivering them to specified locations; process steel and manufacture versatile steel products including:

  • hot rolled coils,
  • steel sheet and plate,
  • steel flat bar,
  • steel angle bars and channel bars,
  • steel pipes,
  • steel light lip channel;

and process raw materials provided by the customer into various products.

SSI Sahaviriya Steel Industries (Thailand)

Sahaviriya Steel Industries PLC or SSI is the largest and oldest manufacturer of hot rolled steel sheet in coils in Southeast Asia more specifically Thailand.

This company can produce up to four million tons HRC annually with premium quality which can be used in the construction sectors, the automotive industry, transportation, or energy sectors.

Their plants are located on a coastal industrial site 400km south of Bangkok which enables them to easily import raw materials and export the finished ones.

Sahaviriya Steel Industries is part of the SSI group which can be divided into three different business:

the steel business (Hot Rolled Coil Business, Cold Rolled Coil Business, and Coated Steel Sheet Business), port business, and engineering business.

Their hot-rolled coils are divided into two groups, one for general uses (general and structural pipes, galvanized steel pipes, and cold-rolled steel) and one for structural uses (bridges, ships, and automobiles).

And of course, they also have hot-rolled coil pickled and oiled.

MBS Mycron Steel CRC Berhad (Malaysia)

Mycron Steel Berhad (held accountable for producing Cold Rolled Coil CRC) is a subsidiary company of Mycron Steel Berhad besides two other subsidiaries named Melewar Steel Tube (producing steel tubes and pipes) and Silver Victory Sdn (involved in the trading of steel-related products).

Mycron Steel Berhad is the first Cold Rolled Coil producer in Malaysia.

Their cold rolling mill factory is located on an 18-acre site in Shan Alam, Darsul Ehsan and over there numerous facilities can be found such as:

  • Pickling line
  • Cold Reduction Mill
  • Electrolytic cleaning line
  • Recoiling Line
  • Batch Annealing Furnaces
  • Combined Skinpass Mill
  • Tension Levelling Line

As we mentioned Mycron Steel Berhad manufactures Cold Rolled Coil.

Their products come in three different levels of quality to choose from commercial quality, drawing quality, and deep drawing quality.

Furthermore, you can choose the finish of the surface-matte or commercial bright finish; you can choose the edges: mill or slit (trimmed); and you can choose the oiling- Electrostatic Oil Coater or DOS coating.

Alupanorama Metals (Malaysia)

Alupanorama metals is founded by a group of dynamic entrepreneurs and located in Kuala Lumpur. What makes this manufacturer unique is its wide range of high-quality metal products and the numerous services they are offering.

From services they can deal with leveling, slitting, lamination, embossing, roll-forming, and recoiling.

At the same time they are offering coil and flat sheet, dura clad, roofing, aluminum foil and extrusion, circular sheet, tread plate, galvanized iron, aluminum zinc, electro-galvanized, cold-rolled, austenitic, martensitic, ferritic, dura coat PPALU, and other products.

Everything we’ve mentioned above makes this manufacturer one-stop service center for all your flat product requirements.

CSC Malaysia (Malaysia)

CSC Malaysia functions and grows at the helm of its parent company China Steel Corporation. Having such a huge corporation “behind this manufacturer’s back” has allowed immense growth and technical improvements to happen.

CSC Malaysia aims to place its products not only on the domestic but also on the international markets as well such as Oceania and Southeast Asia.
CSC Steel’s main products are

  • Oiled steel coils (PO)
  • Cold rolled steel coils (CR)
  • Galvanized steel coils (GI)
  • Pre-painted steel coils (PPGI)

Besides these four types of products, CSCM is also offering two types of brands realzinc and realcolor.

The “real” concepts originate from their core values and business philosophy, always aiming to offer steel products that meet the quality standard – “making with real and achieving the real”.

RealZinc brand is purely zinc-coated galvanized steel.

RealColor is high-performance polyester coated galvanized steel (Primero; Thermoshield; and Supreme)

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