Method to prevent strip deviation in the color coating production line I pre painted galvalume sheet manufacturers

Strip deviation is the most common malfunction during the running of color coating line. Slight deviation of the strip causes the abrasion of the roller surface in each roller. And the mixed color appears on both sides of the color coating plate.

The uneven tension or abrasion and deformation in both sides of the steel caused by severe friction between the strip and the rack will cause heavy strip deviation. It may need to stop and dispose if too serious. Therefore, properly handle the deviation of the strip is related to the normal operation of the entire production system.

In fact, synthesize the more common causes of strip deviation, the only reason is that the strip suffer a same horizontal component force at the same time in a certain speed.

For the reasons of strip deviation, the appropriate countermeasures should be adopted to adjust. The deviation caused by the installation error, the first thing to do is to eliminate the installation error. And it must re-install the rack with serious skew. And then implement the adjustment program aim at the running deviation in the premise of ensuring error-free in the installation.

1. Clean the dirt on the surface of steering roller. And if there has machining errors and uneven wear, it should be replaced and reworked to have encapsulation treatment.

2. Unit requires accelerate stably, It can not suddenly accelerate or have the impact phenomenon, and ensure that there is a suitable tension.

3. Install correction roller. The method can prevent the deviation caused by various reasons, especially because the strip is not provided with the correction roller over a long distance. But that will increase the cost.

4. Tension adjustment. The adjustment of tension roller is a very important part of the unit deviation adjustment.

5. Tighten the roller frame to prevent the vibration caused by adding tension and acceleration.

In short, for the phenomenon of the strip deviation, as long as we strengthen the daily inspection, timely removal of the various factors that cause the strip deviation, grasp the rule, then the appropriate solution will be found.

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