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Updated on: 10/04/2020

Prepainted galvanized steel coil is based on galvanized plate that the surface is pretreated by chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment. Then paint the surface with a layer or layers of organic coating, followed by curing process. It can be painted with a variety of different colors so that it is called prepainted galvanized steel coil.

prepainted galvanized steel coil manufacturers

Prepainted galvanized steel coil has features such as light weight, good corrosion resistance. It can be processed directly. In general, we can see color gray, navy, red brick in market. Prepainted galvanized steel coil can be widely used in the advertising industry, construction, household appliances industry, electrical industry, furniture industry and transport industry.

prepainted galvanized steel coil manufacturers

Household Appliance:

1. Refrigerator shutter &side panels, Washer, Freezers, Air conditions

2. Rice Cooker, Microwave Ovens, Water Heaters, Sterilization Cabinets, Range Hoods

3. Computer Panels , DVD/DVB panels, TV back panel etc.

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