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Updated on: 16/06/2022

PPGL is pre-painted Alu-Zinc, also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel etc., typically with a hot dip Al-zinc coated steel substrate.

The term is an extension of GL which is a traditional abbreviation for Alu-Zinc. Today the term Gl typically refers to essentially pure Al-zinc (>99%) continuously hot dip coated steel, as opposed to batch dip processes. PPGLrefers to factory pre-painted Al-zinc coated steel, where the steel is painted before forming, as opposed to post painting which occurs after forming.

Capacity: 180,000 tons/years

Application: Roof/sandwich panel Thickness: 0.23 ~ 1.2mm

Width: 914 ~ 1250 mm or Slitting. Al-Zinc coating: 40g/m2 ~ 220 g/m2

Coil Weight: 2 ~ 12 T Standard: IS G3321:2010 (Japan); BS EN 10346:2009 (Europe); AS 1397:2011 (Australia); ASTM A792/A792M-10 (USA).

Coil ID: 508/610mm Color:All RAL colors or customized color

Merit: superior flatness & good thickness tolerance control by ABB/

Siemens Automation Production capacity: 2 Pre-painting line

Base material: Alu-Zinc steel coils
Applications of PPGL steel coil
1. Construction and building: roofing; ventilating duct; handrail; partition panel;etc.
2. Electric appliance: refrigerator; washing machine; refrigerator; DVD;etc.
3. Transportation: oil tank; road sign; etc.

The hot dip metallic coating process is also used to manufacture steel sheet and coil with coatings of aluminium, or alloy coatings of zinc/aluminium, zinc/iron and zinc/aluminium/magnesium which may also be factory pre-painted. While GI may sometimes be used as a collective term for various hot dip metallic coated steels, it more precisely refers only to zinc coated steel. Similarly, PPGI may sometimes be used as a general term for a range of metallic coated steels that have been pre-painted, but more often refers more precisely to pre-painted zinc coated steel.

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Alu-Zinc coated steel substrate for PPGL is typically produced on a continuous galvanizing line (CGL). The CGL may include a painting section after the hot dip galvanising section, or more commonly the metallic coated substrate in coil form is processed on a separate continuous paint line (CPL). Metallic coated steel is cleaned, pre-treated, applied with various layers of organic coatings which can be paints, vinyl dispersions, or laminates. The continuous process used to apply these coatings is often referred to as Coil Coating.

The steel thus produced in this process is a prepainted, prefinished and ready for further processing into finished products or components. to use material.

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The coil coating process may be used for other substrates such as aluminium, or aluminium, stainless steel or alloy coated steel other than “pure” zinc coated steel. However, only “pure” zinc coated steel is typically referred to as PPGI. For example, PPGL may be used for pre-painted 55%Al/Zn alloy-coated steel (pre-painted GALVALUME(r) steel*)

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