Reasons that color coated steel plate suffers color difference I steel coil manufacturers

Updated on: 22/03/2020

Color difference refers to a comprehensive color difference of color coated steel plate including hue, saturation and brightness. It is one of the quality flaws. This is the most hardly controlled during the production of color coated steel plate.

Influencing factors are as follows:
1. Coating batch.
Colors of coatings of different batches or in different barrels are different.
While changing batches or new coatings, coatings expand from feeding inlet to reflux inlet, which causes color difference.
2. Film thickness.
Color different due to different film thickness mainly lies in different color coated coil or two sides of the same plate.
3. Change of coating viscosity.
The viscosity of coating becomes high or low during use process, which leads to film thickness change and thus causes color difference.
4. Change of plate temperature.
Too high or too low plate temperature can cause color difference.
5. Cooling water pollution.
The water quality of cooling water of strip steel pollutes the plate. As a result, the gloss of plate is not high or the wiping effect of squeeze roller in cooling equipment is poor, which leads to water stains on plate.

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