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Updated on: 22/03/2020

Cargoes of steel coil have feature of small volume, heavy weight and easiness to rolling. Due to small force origin of steel coil, it is necessary to ensure that the cargo can not press the bottom of steel coil loading container to leakage. In order to add force area, reinforcement personnel will lay 2-3 sticks inside the steel coil loading container. And the sticks are perpendicular to the bottom beam before loading. This greatly adds the thrust surface area and reduces the pressure to the bottom of container.

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Sometimes, steel coil with wooden pallet can be encased directly with no need to lay wood sticks in advance. Yet, it is necessary to ensure that the sticks in the bottom are perpendicular to the bottom beam, so as to avoid leakage.

There are two ways that steel coil loading container: 1. Forklift picks the eye of steel coils into containers; 2. Forklift holds steel coils to roll into containers.

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