The maintenance and use of galvanized sheet products will last longer

Updated on: 19/02/2022

A. Galvanized sheet is a type of steel widely used in construction and industry.

Galvanized sheets divide into galvanized sheets with patterns and galvanized sheets without a pattern.

The zinc-free galvanized sheet has a uniform and firm coating, which is beneficial to the strong corrosion resistance and long service life of the coating. It is highly praised by the industry.

However, the galvanized sheet with long service life not as bright to be.

Do you have maintenance?

Many people will ask whether galvanized steel needs maintenance?

The answer is yes, it needs maintenance. Let’s look down.

B. Maintenance of galvanized coils is a very simple but also very important job.

If the job does well, the life of the product can easily be extended.

This maintenance method is beneficial to the operation of the machine compared to the method of repairing or replacing defective coils.

Under normal working conditions, the thickness of the galvanized layer of the hot-dip galvanized coil can reach more than 50um, which can be used safely for 30 years.

This is the principle of anodic protection of hot-dip galvanized sheets using iron matrix.

The method enables the pure zinc layer to form a dense protective film in the atmospheric environment to prevent zinc corrosion.

However, in wet environments, we must isolate the direct contact between the medium and the zinc layer by coating the asphalt or sealing the tank to prevent corrosion and perforation of the zinc layer.

C. Galvanized steel plate is to prevent the surface corrosion of the steel plate and prolong its service life.

Galvanized steel call galvanized sheet. Knowing these maintenance methods will help to exert the function of galvanized coil products,

ensure the safe use of galvanized coils within a fixed period of time,

and at the same time prolong the service life of the products and ensure the long-term use of the products.

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