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Updated on: 30/03/2020

Earthquake Resistance

Most roofs of steel structure warehouses are pitched roofs, so the structure of roofs is basically triangular roof truss system, which is obtained by cold bending steel components. Those light steel structural components combine with structural plates or plasterboards together, then form a very substantial slab-rib structure system. This kind of steel structural system has the stronger earthquake resistance capacity, so that it is appropriate to build in the area with seismic intensity of above 8 degrees.

Wind resistance

There are numerous advantages of steel structure buildings, such as light weight, high strength, and good rigidity and strong deformation ability. The weight of the steel structure warehouse is only one-fifth of concrete warehouse; however, it resists hurricane of 70 meters per second to protect the life and property effectively.


Steel structure warehouses are composed by cold bending thin steel structural components. Steel bone is manufactured by superior strength and cold rolled galvanized steel plate, which avoid the influence of corrosion in the process of construction and utilization and increase the service life of steel structure warehouse. Under normal conditions, the lifetime of the steel structure is up to 100 years.

Heat Preservation

The thermal insulation material is given with glass fiber cotton in preference, which has excellent heat preservation and heat insulation effect. The insulation board for exterior walls, effectively avoids the phenomenon of “cold bridge” wall, and achieves the better heat preservation effect. The thermal resistance function of about 100mm thickness of R15 heat preservation cotton can be equivalent to 1m thickness of brick wall.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation effect is a significant index in evaluating housing. The window of steel structure warehouse adopts hollow glass. Thus, sound insulation effect is good to insulate sound of more than 40 decibels. Moreover, the wall, which is made by light steel keel and heat preservation plasterboard, can insulate as high as 60 decibels.

Health & Environmental Protection

Dry operation of steel structure warehouse, reduces the waste pollution to the environment. Besides, the steel structural materials can be recycled 100%, and most supporting materials can be recycled as well. All the materials are called green materials because they conform with the environmental awareness, satisfy the requirements of the ecological environment.


The wall of steel structure warehouse adopts high efficiency and energy saving system to adjust indoor air humidity. In addition, the roof has ventilation function to ensure the cooling requirement.


Dry operation of steel structure warehouse, is not affected by seasonal variation. And one steel structure warehouse with about 300 square meters only needs five workers to complete the whole process from beginning to end within 30 working days.

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