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Updated on: 22/04/2020

Edge crack defects

The enrichment of large inclusions on the edge is one of the main causes of the edge fracture. Because of the thin slab used the funnel type mold, mold internal degree of non-uniform flow, heat transfer and liquid level fluctuation is more complicated than the traditional slab continuous casting, tend to cause in the process of casting slag, part of the residual slag inclusion in the surface of slab surface formation, including large inclusion particles in sedimentary, slab edge edge caused by large enrichment of oxide inclusions.

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Iron oxide pressed into defect

The incomplete cleaning of the primary sheet iron was pressed into the strip during the subsequent rolling process, resulting in surface defects of the strip. Secondary descaling water is not open and other reasons are the key to the secondary iron sheet pressing defects. The results of defect tracking show that the pressing defects can be eliminated in the subsequent pickling and cold rolling process and have no effect on the cold rolled sheet.

Surface defects

Black linear defect on strip surface before cold rolling after pickling. The surface defects of cold-rolled strip steel mainly come from the defects of hot-rolled substrates, and the surface inclusions of hot-rolled sheet steel are the main defects.

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