What Do You Need to Know About Welding Prepainted Metal? I PPGI/PPGL Steel Manufacturers

Updated on: 19/03/2020

Pre-painted metals offer a huge variety of benefits. They reduce capital outlay, process cost, environmental compliant expenses, minimize hassles and improve finish quality.

Some manufacturers may wonder if pre-painted metal, such as pre-painted steel, can be used in applications where welding is essential?

The short answer is yes.

A longer answer…

Pre-painted steel can hold up beautifully to welding jobs, free of smoke and burns—if used in conjunction with a weldable primer.

What is a weldable primer?

Weldable primer, also known as weld through primer, is a specially formulated primer applied on weldable surfaces before a welding job. Because of its ability to conduct electricity, it provides a strong joint between the welded surfaces without sacrificing product quality and finish.

Apart from enabling manufacturers to conveniently weld pre-painted coated metals, weldable primer also has many other benefits to offer:

  • It facilitates forming through improved die wear and increased surface lubricity.
  • It improves surface appearance after painting and increases corrosion resistance.
  • It eliminates post production washing requirements which helps to reduce the cost of the fabrication process and the resulting hazardous EPA monitored waste.
  • It offers better cosmetics, eliminating dirt spots, bare spots, runs and bubbles.
  • It decreases process energy consumption and labor.
  • It reduces safety hazards.

And a lot more.

A weldable primer system enables manufacturers to reap quality and cost saving benefits of pre-painted metal, while still allowing welding post treatment.

Choosing a weldable primer for welding pre-painted metal

There are many different types of weldable primers you can choose from. Which type of welding process you are using ultimately helps decide the type of primer best suited for your particular job. Whichever type of primer system you may choose to use, make sure it offers following characteristics:

  • It must conduct electricity
  • It must not smoke excessively during the welding process
  • It must not produce harmful fumes during welding
  • It must not combust
  • It must burn back evenly

Pre-painted metals can be efficiently and economically welded through the use of weldable primers and thus improve quality, safety and reduce cost for your end process and product.

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