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Updated on: 04/04/2020

Rolling shutter door is commonly used for garages, godowns, shops front show windows, etc. as they are quite strong and offer proper safety to the property. The door shutter acts as a curtain and therefore provides adequate protection and safety against fire and thefts. This door is sufficiently strong and offer proper safety to glass and interiors when closed.


The rolling shutter door is made up of thin steel slabs called laths or slats about 1.25mm thick interlocked to each other and coiled upon specially designed pipe shaft drum mounted at the top. The roller shutter moves on two vertical steel guide channels installed at their ends. A horizontal shaft and spring in the drum allow the roller shutter to be coiled in or out. This door is capable of being rolled up at the top easily and causes no obstruction either in the opening or in floor space.

Advantages of Rolling Shutter Door:
  • The main advantage of rolling shutter is that it gives large opening which is not obstructed by any of the door mechanism, giving the user a wide open area.
  • It provides safety against fire and burglars.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • Mainly it is used in shops because it gives more floor space as it rolls, it doesn’t need space for panels to move and unfold.
  • For large size openings, its cost is comparatively very less as compared to wooden doors.
  • It is light weight unlike other panel doors and hence easy to operate and handle.

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Disadvantages of Rolling Shutter Door:

  • M.S. rolling shutter gets easily corroded.
  • The Certain rolling shutter can be noisy in high rise situation.

The rolling shutters are classified based on their materials, operation of the shutter, etc.

Types of Rolling Shutter Based on Material:

  • M.S. Rolling Shutter
  • Aluminium Rolling Shutter
  • Polycarbonate or Transparent Rolling Shutter

Types of Rolling Shutter Based on Operation of Shutter:

  • Automatic Rolling Shutter
  • Push-Pull Rolling Shutter
  • Mechanical Gear Type

Types of Rolling Shutter Based on Used:

  • Grill Rolling Shutter (with Openings)
  • Industrial Rolling Shutter (Heavy Duty)

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