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Updated on: 26/04/2020

When constructing a sun room, the first consideration is the safety skeleton. Therefore, the choice of the main beam and auxiliary beam of the skeleton is also very important. At present, the economic and practical sun room skeleton is still a steel structure. Has been recognized by the majority of users, but the biggest disadvantage of steel is rust. Then the steel is black steel and galvanized steel. What is the difference between these two materials and processes, which one is of good quality?

Black steel is the common name for ordinary cold plates. It is also called cold-rolled steel strip. If it is not subjected to surface treatment, it will rust at room temperature for several months when it is exposed to humid air or rain. There are also adjustments to the paint, manual painting, and rolling brushing after the skeleton is welded. Although this is acceptable, the primer is uneven and the adhesion is poor. After a year and a half of weathering, it will become a block Fall off.

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The galvanized sheet is surface-washed on the basis of cold-rolled sheet to remove rust and acid bubbles, and then galvanized at high temperature, and then fluorocarbon baking paint is applied on the surface. Metal crafts have higher requirements on the precision of the surface finish of the production process. They will not rust during the normal service life of several years to decades. As long as the surface of the zinc layer is protected, it will not leave scratches. Deal with the details, and the service life may be longer.

On the surface, these two types of steel are also different. Black steel is black. It is relatively brittle when welding, and it is easy to fall off and block. Hot-dip galvanized is tough, and it is easier to be tight and strong when it is shaped. In terms of weight, the basis is the same. Hot-dip galvanized steel is coated with a layer of zinc that is only about 10 microns thick. Very thin coatings have no effect on overall weight. The density is calculated according to 7.85.

The analysis of the two materials is obvious. It is still recommended to use galvanized steel for the sunlight room at home. However, no matter which material it is, it is difficult to say absolutely that it will not rust for 30 years. It can only be properly maintained, understand the characteristics, and conform to the laws of nature , Can delay its service life longer.

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