What production process is the color coated roll made according to?

Updated on: 12/07/2022

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A. The basic concept of the color-coated coil is also called a color steel coil.

It uses composite technology that highly combines steel and colored peritoneum.

It also has excellent properties of various materials, greatly improving the chemical stability of the materials.

The color coating coil has more effective anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.

Colored steel not only has the excellent quality of steel in terms of flexibility, plasticity, pressure resistance, wear resistance, heat dissipation, and high-temperature resistance, but is also outstanding in color, smoothness, and feel.

It is worth mentioning that all raw materials used in the production of color coating rollers are pollution-free and environmentally friendly materials, and the production process is completely dust-free.

Both production and later use have high environmental protection characteristics.

B. Basic situation of color-coated rolls.

Color-coated coils are based on hot-dip galvanized sheets, hot-dip aluminum-zinc sheets, electro-galvanized sheets, etc.

After surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing, chemical conversion treatment), one or more organic coatings apply on the surface,

Then bake the cured product. Color steel coils also call color steel coils because they coat with organic coatings of different colors.

The color coating rollers are light in weight, beautiful in appearance, good in corrosion resistance, and can be processed directly.

Mainly used in the advertising industry, construction industry, home appliance industry, home appliance industry, furniture industry, transportation industry.

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C. Matters needing attention

1. In the process of transportation, color-coated rolls cannot directly transport forklifts or steel wire ropes. Use special lifting equipment to avoid damaging the color-coated rolls.

2. The transportation compartment should clean and cover with rubber mats or special transportation tools to maintain the stability and integrity of the color-coated rolls.

3. The product transport in the factory state. The product must not place upside down, and strictly follow the placement direction indicated on the color-coated roll.

4. Don’t drag when taking the pre-painted coil, otherwise, the cut burr of the pre-painted coil will scratch the next steel plate.

5. When loading and unloading color-coated coils, handle them gently to prevent the steel plate from hitting other hard objects.

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