What you know about EN 10143 Steel standard?

Updated on: 29/07/2022


European Standard EN 10143 was developed by the European Committee for Steel Standards. The competent German committee for the Iron and Steel Standards Committee (FES) is working committee 20 “Dimensional Standards for Flat Products”

Replacing DIN 59232 Flat Bar with EN 10143 Amends the new standard scope to include, in addition to hot-dip galvanized sheet and strip, other hot-dip galvanized flat bar products (e.g. dipped in molten aluminium, lead, etc.).

Scope Of Application

  1. This European Standard specifies the dimensional and profile deviations for continuous hot-dip metallized flat steel of mild steel for cold forming and structural purposes with a thickness ≤ 3.0 mm.
  2. This European Standard applies to all hot-dip metallized flat steel products.
  3. Not suitable for cold rolled or hot rolled uncoated galvanized wide flat products.

Delivery Conditions For EN 10143 Standard Steels

  1. Standard or special thickness tolerances
  2. Standard or special width tolerance
  3. Standard or special length tolerances for thin sheets and narrow strips
  4. Standard or special flatness tolerances for thin sheets and narrow strips

Size And Shape Tolerances

  • Thickness
  • Width
  • Length
  • Flatness
  • Release force
  • Sickle bend
  • Size overlay
  • Special customization requirements need to be negotiated when ordering.


European standard EN 10143 applies to products such as continuous galvanized (Z), zinc-iron alloy (ZF), zinc-aluminum alloy (ZA), and aluminum-zinc alloy (AZ).

Carbon and high-strength steels for cold-formed and structural steels, typically between 0.35mm and 3mm, in sheet, wide strip, wide slit, strip or cut to length obtained from slit wide strip or sheet Delivered in cut form. Relevant standards are EN 10292, EN 10326, EN 10327 and other hot dip coated products.

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