Steel coil processing transforms steel coil into various shapes and sizes to produce an easier to handle product for further processing. The two most common processing techniques are known as ´Cut-to-Length´ and ´Cut-to-Width.’

Cut-to-length processing

Cut-to-length processing is typically used to produce steel sheeting. Large sections of steel rolls are unwound and cut to standard sizes for use as sheet metal.

While the customer typically requires further processing, it is important that the sheets adhere to any required flatness tolerances. A levelling stage can be added to produce a flat sheet for further use.

Cut-to-width processing

Cut-to-width processing is cutting the steel coil lengthwise to create strips that are narrower than the original coil. This is an automated process and requires you to unwind, cut and rewind the coil as a narrower or slit roll.

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What applications use steel coil processing?

Because of the versatility of the steel plate/slotted coils produced via steel coil processing, the applications are very widespread. From forming the shells of airplanes, ships and cars to uses in home appliances and water tanks, we find this process used across many sectors.

It’s also not uncommon to use it to create high volume, pre-engineered products typically found in the construction industry, such as cable trays and prefabricated steel panels.

What are the benefits of steel coil processing?

One of the greatest advantages of processing coiled steel is its compatibility with automated systems. These types of systems allow for higher productivity and lower costs, resulting in a more consistent end product and a lower price.

Coils are also an efficient form for transporting large volumes of thin steel, again increasing the efficacy of the entire processing industry.

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One of the caveats of a highly automated process is that you cannot really adjust the process on the fly. Due to this limited flexibility, it is best to limit steel coil processing to consistent, high volume production lines.

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