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Updated on: 22/03/2020

The machinery equipment of color coated steel unit has many similarities with the general strip continuous unit. Its composition consists of three main parts, namely the entrance section, the process section and the exit section.

A. The entrance section
1. The main equipment: Roll up car, uncoiler, entrance pinch roll device, transverse shear machine, sewing machine, burr roller device, tension device, corrective device, entrance loop and so on.
2. Effect: Loosen the raw material roll and connect the head to the tail of the previous roll so that the strip can be supplied continuously and uniformly for the unit.

B. The process section
1. The main equipment: Degreasing and cleaning, chemical liquid coating, drying oven, coating roll coater, curing oven, cooling, air drying.
2. Effect: NAM KIM TEEL has always considered the process section as a core part of the entire unit. It usually consists of the equipment of pretreatment, coating drying and other several process. The pretreatment step is to clean the surface of the coated substrate and apply a chemical coating to improve the anti-corrosion performance.

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At the same time, it also can improve the organic paint film adhesion of the latter layer. Like double painting double drying, the process of coating drying usually includes the first coating → bake curing → cooling → finish coating → bake curing → cooling and other processing steps.

With the different product requirements, the process section can also only set one painting one drying the two steps. And can only coat single face during coating, also can adopt the construction methods of anticlockwise or clockwise roller coating. Temperature control in sections, the temperature of each section depends on the type of used paint, baseboard thickness and time through the oven.

C. The exit section
1. The main equipment: Export vertical loop, tension device, correcting device, export shear machine, export pinch roll, recoiling machine.
2. Effect: Cut the product into volumes or cut to pieces as requested size.

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